The ELI Process


The ELI Process


Emerging Leaders Initiative (ELI) is two hour a week, 24-week, mentor guided process to grow transformational leaders for the workplace. With an intentional start and end date, the ELI journey is specifically designed to engage, equip, and empower mentees to better understand their God-given purposes in order to transform the areas of work to which they’ve been called and join God in restoring brokenness. 


Gifted mentors authentically guide 2-3 mentees through the process. Mentors meet with mentees bi-weekly to strategically examining distinct practices of Jesus, rooted in scripture, discussion, and practical application. Actively engaged in growing though the ELI journey, mentors provide mentees with clear models of Christ-centered leadership in the workplace supported by their own real life experiences.


Like-hearted mentees meet bi-weekly for intentional peer to peer accountability and collaboration to challenge, support, and inspire each other in their mutual pursuit of transformation. Within ELI's mentoring framework and process structure, all group members are involved in the work of growing influence, both in themselves and one another. 

The Workplace Transformed

For many of us, the majority of our waking hours are spent in the workplace. Imagine if those that influenced these places were changed by God to truly embrace the leadership practices of Jesus in their work? Teams built on trust and empowerment, producing real, positive results. Businesses operate with high effectiveness and integrity. Leaders engage with purpose, boldness, and a heart of service. By mentoring to multiply, we pray that God would catalyze a collective movement of Christ-centered leaders in the workplace that would transform others and restore the brokenness of our cities for God’s Kingdom.

“Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10).


The Impact

The Impact


Empowering Christ-Centered Leaders

Over the last year, we've served 90 mentors and mentees stretching over six different states. We invite you to learn more below about how God has been at work transforming lives and impacting workplaces.

Because of ELI, I’ve pressed into challenges I would have previously found excuses to walk away from, lived out my faith in a conflicting environment, and have gained new perspective on what it means to use my God-given strengths in work.
— Meg Walker, Mentee

Because of ELI, I’ve been able to intersect my work and faith with clarity on how to approach my career in a different way than I ever thought possible. My mentor was an invaluable resource for me as I encountered challenges in the workplace and as I developed my Christ-like leadership ability because of the tangible experience we shared being in the same field of work.
— David Abiera, Mentee

Because of ELI, I’ve been able to equip my mentees in a way that has transformed my own life and those around me in the process. ELI is not just for the workplace - it’s absolutely holistic for your entire life.
— Vickie Reilly, Mentor

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